2014 Harry J. Pfister Award

Harry J. Pfister Award

As a milestone in his career as ICT specialist (Information and Communication Technology), with international recognition, Dr. Paulo Marin was awarded the "2014 Harry J. Pfister Award" for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry, presented by the University of South Florida, School of Engineering.

This award, granted to those whose contributions to the global ICT industry have been valuable throughout decades of dedication, was presented to him in the "2015 BICSI Winter Conference" Dinner Awards, in Orlando, FL - USA.

Some additional information

Welcome to Paulo Marin's website!

Awarded by the University of South Florida - College of Engineering the 2014 Harry J. Pfister Award for Excellence in the Telecommunications Industry, Paulo Marin is a recognized specialist in the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) and mission-critical environments. Marin brings a vast experience in telecommunications and IT, including specifications, design, project management, consulting, audit and technical standardization leadership in telecommunications, electronic safety and security, and data centers in Brazil and in the United States.

Throughout his 30 years of professional experience both national and international, Marin has been working for private companies and the government in Brazil, The United States, Central America, South America, Caribbean, Portugal and Spain. Dr. Marin is author of several technical books published in Brazil in the fields of telecommunications and data centers.

Marin holds an electrical/electronics engineer bachelor degree, a certificate in telecommunications, a master's degree in electrical engineering on signal propagation, and a doctorate in electrical engineering on electromagnetic interference in telecommunications cabling systems.

As an IEEE Senior Member, Dr. Marin has been an IEEE (Institute of Electric and Electronics Engineers) member for nearly twenty years and a subscriber to the EMC Society (Electromagnetic Compatibility). As a BICSI member for the same period of time, Marin has served BICSI in several positions as a volunteer. Marin has written several technical articles for technical magazines worldwide and keeps a Q&A column in a respected Brazilian technical magazine (RTI) for about twenty years. He is the chairman of the ANSI/BICSI 005 committee (ESS, Electronic Safety and Security standard) since 2009, a voting member of the ANSI/BICSI 002 committee (data centers standard) in the U.S., and served as chairman of an ABNT committee in Brazil (ABNT CE 03:046.05) since 2003, responsible for standardization in structured cabling systems (commercial, residential, industrial, and data centers) in Brazil.

Paulo Marin is based in São Paulo/SP, Brazil and has dedicated a significant part of his time on the development of technical literature as well as training and teaching activities in both fields, technical and academic. As an active professional and educator, Dr. Marin is always looking for ways to contribute to the fields of electrical engineering, technology, and education.