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Dr. Paulo Marin is a globally recognized specialist in Information Technology consulting and have demonstrated abilities in IT project management services, technology training, optical fibers system design and maintenance as well as on electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) related to signal transmission on copper cabling and mission-critical environments. Dr. Marin has been active in this industry since 1990.

Dr. Paulo Marin worked as international technical manager for an American tier one cabling systems manufacturer in Latin America, Caribbean, and Iberia and was responsible for technical training, project assistance, as well as sales for more than seven years. Read more

Technical Book - Lauching: Data Centers (In Portuguese)

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I'm proud to announce that my new technical book about data center infrastructure has just been released. This book is a rich source of information for engineers, technicians, IT managers, network managers and installers interested in the design, installation and assessment of physical infrastructure of data centers. It covers like no other book available in the market place, the electrical systems, cooling, structured cabling, security and fire detection as well as mission-critical sites commissioning. The concepts of availability, redundancy and reliability are presented and discussed in this book. Space planning and other constructive aspects of the site are presented. Technical standardization applied to data centers and references to ABNT NBR, ISO, IEC, ANSI, BICSI, TIA, The Uptime Institute standards among others are cited throughout the texts.

Please click here to learn more about this book (information available in Portuguese only).

Cabeamento Estruturado (Structured Cabling): The Book - Third Edition

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This book, published in Portuguese, now in its third edition (released in less than one year after the publication of the first edition) presents, like no other, all aspects related to telecommunications cabling systems for commercial buildings (or structured cabling, as it's known in the technical jargon). The third edition was revised in order to include the new ANSI/TIA-568-C series of standards (C.0, C.1, C.2 e C.3), just released. Thus, this edition brings important changes to design guidelines as well as installation practices for generic cabling in the customer premises. Optical cabling techniques and components have been revisited as well in the book's third edition. Trunking cabling, MPO connectors, fan-out cables and optical polarity are widely discussed in the book's newest edition.

Click here to see the book brochure (text in Portuguese).

Check out my training programs (portuguese)

Tech Training

Technical training expertise
A quality technical training should be based on technical information and totally free of brand names and marketing of products. In simple words, it should be a real vendor-free training. In addition, the instructor's credentials should be taken into account as well before hiring a trainer. There is a number of courses and technical training in the marketplace. However, a small portion of them is serious and a few of them is delivered by experienced and qualified instructors. If you're looking for an objective, well-organized trainer and yet the one who really has the expertise to do so, you are in the right place. Learn from the one who writes industry standards - internationally - for telecommunications cabling, data center infrastructure as well as electronic safety and security.

Events Partial Schedule - Q2/2011

Date Title Description/Place Status
ABR 7, 2011 Seminário RTI Data Centers Paulo Marin, technical adviser and mediator. São Paulo, SP - Br Closed
ABR 11-12, 2011 Cabeamento Estruturado Training based on the book - Cabeamento Estruturado - Desvendando cada passo: do projeto à instalação. São Paulo, SP - Br Closed

Paulo Marin as mediator in the Seminário RTI Data Centers 2011

RTI Data Centers

On April 7th, 2011, the third edition of the SEMINÁRIO RTI DATA CENTERS is going to be held in São Paulo/SP. This event features national and international speakers who will talk about issues related to data centers infrastructure. Click here to learn more (portuguese).

Draft Std. ANSI/BICSI-002 Data Center Design & Implementation Best Practices

    This Standard provides a best practices and implementation standard that will complement TIA, CENELEC, and ISO/IEC data center standards. It is primarily a design standard with installation requirements and guidelines primarily related to implementing a design. The Standard includes other installation requirements and guidelines for data centers, where appropriate.


Paulo Marin appointed chairman of the ANSI/BICSI ESS std. subcommittee

As an active BICSI member for more than ten years, Paulo Marin was appointed as chairman of the ANSI/BICSI ESS (Electronic Safety and Security) standard subcommittee. The ESS subcommittee was formed back in August 2009 and recently approved by the BICSI Board of Directors. The ESS subcommittee is now official and its first meeting was held in January 18, 2010 during the 2010 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL.

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Paulo Marin cited on the Cabling Installation & Maintenance Magazine(USA)

The magazine highlights the presentation delivered by Paulo Marin at the 2009 BICSI Winter Conference in Orlando, FL and focuses on the aspects related to structured cabling for data centers introduced by the specialist as well as issues associated to Green Building classifications as established by the Green Building Council.

Please click here to see the full article and look for the Green means 'go' section.

Audit & Assessment

  • Audit mission-critical environment and preparation of reports based on applicable standards
  • Infrastructure analysis: Installations and equipament
  • among other services

  • Data Center Cabling